Market Making Solutions

Well, a market maker, also sometimes referred to as a liquidity provider, is a participant in the market that is able to quote for both bid and ask prices.

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What Coinbase’s listing means for the crypto market

and why did Bitcoin plunge?

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The FLy token IDO and IEO

The FLy token team is glad to announce two IDO and IEO.

0 Comments6 Minutes Startup Initial Offering Franklin (FLy) has launched Startup, a platform that aims to provide users with access to innovative and advanced projects. Traders now have more opportunities to make an initial…

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Whitelisting is now open for Fly token IDO on Poolz

With only five days left to our IDO, we are excited to announce that Poolz are opening the whitelist for FLy IDO.

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Important notice!

This pool will be launched in unison with Black Ocean DEX, which opens up a lot of market instruments for people.

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Customer whitelist opened

The Black Ocean project opened the potential customer whitelist.

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Institutional Financial Round is Closed

Black Ocean passed the institutional financial stage successfully.

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Important Notice!

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LD Capital Partnership

LD Capital has signed a partnership with HFT company VRM and its new Black Ocean business.

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