Dear community, Black Ocean x FLy token team has plans to establish a proper liquidity pool on Uniswap in the near future. This pool will be launched in unison with Black Ocean DEX, which opens up a lot of market instruments for people.
We chose this approach because we aim to do a long-term business with Black Ocean and the Fly token, and we are first going to a few CEXes, to create a proper secondary market and make a price stable.

Unfortunately, someone run some pairs on Uniswap by himself. Black Ocean and the FLy token team don’t provide Uniswap with liquidity yet, please be careful with slippage and other unexpected risks.

By the way, the team is going to run a proper liquidity pool on Uniswap very soon; if you would like to trade FLy earlier, you can go to or other trading venues, which will be announced soon.

With pleasure,
Black Ocean x FLy team