How to Bridge the gap between projects and Investors: Black Ocean Token Sale Launchpad

In January 2020 we heard of a mysterious virus that was causing pneumonia-like symptoms. Today, much of the world as we know it has come to a standstill. One-third of the world population is in some form of lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the changes that come during a global pandemic like COVID-19, for many companies it is really difficult to know what business, as usual, should look like.

Amidst this chaos, there is still a ray of hope for the business world. Yes, there is a way which helps entrepreneurs who stand in solidarity, to run their business efficiently.

Let's talk about some facts and figures that demonstrate the potential to survive these challenging times and grow in the future by taking your business online. Despite the impact of the Covid-19 crisis, spending on mobile apps is expected to double by 2024. Moreover, app downloads are expected to reach 183.7 billion – 9% higher than the forecast made before COVID-19.

Online sales showed a 52% surge from a year ago, and the number of online shoppers has increased by 8.8% since the Covid-19 outbreak.

Covid19's impact on financial markets

The Covid-19 outbreak has caused big shifts in stock markets. This further affects the value of pensions or individual savings accounts) and other financial instruments.

The FTSE, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and the Nikkei have seen falls of 24.5%, 18.5%, and 14.7% respectively, since the outbreak began on 31 December 2019.
As lockdowns across the globe have kept people inside, demand for oil has dried up. Brent crude, the benchmark used for oil, dipped below $20, to the lowest level seen in 18 years.

Moreover, the Fed is planning on utilizing negative interest rates soon, according to some economists and analysts. Global general debt issuance by Governments worldwide has increased from $1.7 trillion in March to $2.1 trillion in April to stabilise economies in freefall and restart growth amidst Covid-19.

Future of investment

The U.K. has announced a $320 Billion government-backed loan and guarantee to help businesses through Covid-19. Financial regulators across the globe have freed up $400 Billion of capital to help lenders absorb the impact of the pandemic.

Amidst this crashing economy, the forecast is for new projects and venture investments to reach record high.

Quantitative easing and coronavirus pandemic are considered as fuels behind startup's maturity, particularly when benchmarked against the falling stock market and crude oil.

Covid-19 is hastening the shift away from paper money and stimulating plenty of quantitative easing, which is helping startups, as investors are seeking new avenues for investment.

Bridging the gap between projects and Investors

While traditional finance, which includes banking, investment, and insurance, has been severely impacted amidst the pandemic, the cryptocurrency market has been performing well.

The cumulative market capitalization of the crypto asset class is approaching $1.3 Trillion. A major portion of this valuation comes from the potential of the crypto market to be used as a hedge against the present economic system. Countries like Venezuela and Zimbabwe are prime examples of this, where citizens have turned to crypto-assets because their local fiat currencies have depreciated significantly. While institutional demand has undoubtedly increased, even retail adoption is on the rise.

Black Ocean plans to place itself at the forefront of crowdfunding. We realize that the need of the hour is digitalization; however, the investor landscape is currently troubled by three core issues: Time, Cash, and Flexibility.

As the cryptocurrency space grows in popularity, more people are becoming interested in making investments. However, they are finding it difficult to allocate time. As a result, some of these newcomers look towards investment groups to collaborate with. Unfortunately, majority of these groups are privately run tight-knit consortiums with huge entry barriers. A number of investment groups have also been witnessed to be slow, speculative, and inefficient.

Some crypto newbies consider Lending Pools as a good way to earn passive income, however such pools require a significant amount of BTC, ETH, USDC/T, or other cryptocurrencies as collateral. This introduces the second barrier to entry – cash.

The third barrier to entry is flexibility. This is most common in hedge funds that borrow assets from users to trade. Since hedge funds rely on steady performance to survive, they are more likely to trade in assets that have already reached the majority of their potential, leading to diminished returns.

We also believe that many cryptocurrency users strive to remain anonymous, while simultaneously aiming to build a reputation in the space like The Crypto Dog, who is a prolific member of the cryptocurrency community with over 400,000 followers and has never divulged his identity. On the other hand, many investment tools and services require users to undergo identity checks that cause discomfort.

Thus, Black Ocean's goal is to attract projects and investors to help get accurate information and a transparent mechanism to invest.

BlackOcean Launchpad

Current solutions are solely transaction-based. The process of being part of an IDO is cumbersome and inconvenient. Potential investors need to sign-up on multiple platforms until a transaction can be executed. It begins with trying to figure out how to buy Bitcoin from various platforms (e.g. cryptocurrency exchange, Bitcoin ATM machines, website, pos, etc), sending it to a wallet or an exchange (e.g. HITBTC, Bittrex, Poloniex) and then figuring out how to buy other cryptocurrencies on the exchange or investing in an ICO. These multiple steps can seem complex, intimidating, and incomprehensible in some cases. Even for experienced investors with technical knowledge, the process of converting FIAT into digital currencies and vice versa is generally slow, limited, frustrating, and occasionally risky. Due to these inconveniences, we believe that curious and qualified investors are still turning their backs on the crypto-markets and are consequently missing opportunities they would have otherwise seized. This can expose users to potential scams, for instance if a project did not clearly communicate their official communication channels or DEX address, users might purchase "fake" tokens.

Furthermore, since investors are at a risk to retrieve information about the projects from unreliable sources and external parties, who tend to influence their decision making, it creates a high entry-barrier for retail investors who are new to the industry. Thus, the cryptocurrency industry lacks a platform that can provide investors with appropriate information on cryptocurrency trading and investment opportunities that they can capitalize on. It is also a very volatile industry and people are unable to ascertain the robustness and the potential that a specific Altcoin may have. As a result, many investors lose money speculating on failing coins, stick to expensive alternatives, or fall prey to scams.

Black Ocean has engineered a new global platform that utilizes blockchain technology. The solution provides FLy token holders and retail investors with an opportunity to maximize profits by allowing its members to purchase IDO with a high token rating at discounted prices, similar to pre-seed and seed institutional rounds. Black Ocean also aims to help good projects raise capital, boost PR and media coverage, and increase their communities using FLy and Black Ocean societies. Thus, it serves as a Decentralized Affiliate Platform for IDOs to raise funds seamlessly, and allows affiliates to directly communicate with others.

Black Ocean plans to becomes to go-to place to invest into early stage crypto projects. It is a CeDeFi launchpad where innovative projects can build a strong community, raise funds and achieve liquidity in a simple, secure and transparent way.

How it works

The price should always follow what a project's team is doing and what value the token currently has. In addition, VRM makes a profit consistently (even in this slow market) and burns FLy tokens every month.

With the burning plan (1,170,600 FLy tokens have been burnt so far), the amount of FLy will eventually decrease, which will indirectly stimulate the growth of its value in the long term.

This is an additional driver for the FLy token price increasing.

What are the next important events for VRM, Black Ocean and FLy?

Black Ocean gathers projects from the market and from its network of institutional investors. If a project is qualified, has been invested by famous VCs, has a good reputation and market potential, this project can have IDO on the Black Ocean launchpad platform.

Once the project is approved for launch on the launchpad, it provides Black Ocean with tokens for IDO. Community members can then place bids for amounts that they want to invest. Based on the bids, Black Ocean computes and announces the amount of allocation for each participant. This is followed by an autonomous process where a confirmed amount of funds are sent to the IDO (project) and project tokens are distributed among the participants.

At Black Ocean, we value early supporters who help grow the ecosystem from scratch, hence we have ideated a computation system that rewards early users of the platform, but doesn't create high entry barriers for late comers.

What kind of borders it breaks and what kind of opportunities it creates?

Similar to the traditional startups, even crypto startups with smart teams are primarily funded by venture funds and institutional investors. They receive tokens at a significant rebate. Retail investors have to buy tokens via public sale or after they get listed. Though retail investors might not have a large capital that can be risked by investing in a startup, it's fair to provide them with an opportunity to do so.

Our Launchpad is designed to provide projects with community driven value. It will be a members-only platform with a unique GPP (Group purchasing power). Thus, Black Ocean is bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses using its blockchain-based universe for trading, investing and educating.

This also allows us to increase the number of token holders and creates an initial community around the project by allowing innovative project creators and like-minded individuals to come together to connect and grow the ecosystem. Thus, it's a win - win situation for investors and project creators.

Following are some benefits that FLy token holders enjoy:
● 100% of the promo (airdrop) coins from projects will be distributed among FLy token holders
● 90% of IDO coins are allocated to be purchased by FLy token holders
FLy token holders enjoy a special price to purchase coins that 5-10% lower than the market price of an IDO

We hope that you've found this article easy to follow and useful. If you have any further questions or want to learn more about our native FLy token, feel free to join our official Telegram Global community channel.

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