Swiss-based crypto hub CV Labs announces partnership with institution-oriented financial company Black Ocean

July 14th, 2021 - Black Ocean, a liquidity-providing platform incubated by the high-frequency quantitative trading institution VRM, has announced a strategic partnership with CV Labs, a Swiss blockchain ecosystem business and incubator that provides co-working, advisory and event services for startups and corporate clients.

This partnership is aimed at supporting and developing new blockchain projects and crypto startups. Black Ocean, as a part of the VRM ecosystem, will collaborate with CV Labs on various initiatives within the blockchain industry and participate in CV Labs' unique environment, and offer a variety of services including incubation for early-stage startups and professional-grade solutions for corporate clients.

Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, CV Labs houses more than 150 companies, including some big names (Cardano, Tezos, Golem, Lisk, Bancor), and other startups, corporates, and government agencies. Black Ocean professional solutions will be presenting to CV Labs members.

The Goals of the Partnership between Black Ocean, VRM and CV Labs is:

● To expand global networks within the blockchain industry.
● To offer the professional solutions of Black Ocean, such as a dark liquidity pool, dark pool, escrow service, market-making solutions, a launchpad for institutional clients and crypto exchanges and other members of CV Labs.
● VRM will collaborate with CV Labs incubation to attract the best early-stage startups within blockchain technology.
● Co-creating new projects and collaboration opportunities for the companies to build a bridge between the ecosystems.
● Collaboration between VRM Research and CV Labs: market reports, co-organizing events and seminars to training programs and mentorships.

The VRM ecosystem comprises VRM Quant, VRM Research, Black Ocean and the FLy token.

VRM is a digital currency-trading institution based in the EU, mainly focused on quantitative high-frequency strategies. The average daily trading volume in 2020 reached over US$2.7 billion, and a single-day trading peak of US$25.944 billion was reached at the beginning of 2021.

Black Ocean runs financial services for different types of customers in crypto and traditional finance: from crypto exchanges to whales and investment banks. Black Ocean aims to cover custody, lending, and legal currency channels for institutional and corporate users, and provides a series of services such as dark pools, liquidity pools, escrow service, launchpad.

VRM Research is the directorate that provides retail customers with market insights, trading signals solutions and analysis reports from the heart of high-end trading.

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About CV Labs

CV Labs is the blockchain-dedicated ecosystem business and co-working space of CV VC, a blockchain Venture Capital firm in Switzerland. With more than 150 startups registered across its premises in Zug, Switzerland, Vaduz, Lichtenstein, and Dubai, UAE, CV Labs' co-working hubs offer a variety of services, such as incubation for early-stage startups, innovation services for corporate clients, blockchain and entrepreneurship education modules, events and content marketing aimed at positioning blockchain companies within the ecosystem, and advisory services that help blockchain companies set up shop in Crypto Valley and beyond.

CV Labs offers startups and entrepreneurs two primary services: the CV Labs Incubator, an intensive 10-week program in Zug, Switzerland, the heart of Crypto Valley, and the CV Labs Coworking space, which accommodates more than 150 of the leading blockchain projects in the industry.

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