What Makes the FLy token Price go Up?

In a surging crypto market, some assets will always perform better than others. Projects with a strong chance of gaining user adoption and lasting in the long-term offer give the best chances of healthy returns.

Many projects are catering to different requirements and varying in terms of safety and security, convenience, accessibility, and so on. But unlike most of them, VRM is unique in its approach.

The VRM ecosystem offers professional services and solutions for b2b and b2c clients, combining long experience from traditional financial backgrounds with fresh ideas and a growth-innovation mindset. The FLy token, issued by VRM as a utility token for the whole ecosystem, gives a chance for retail customers to be involved and to have benefits from a pretty closed ecosystem, created by the HFT company, VRM, and offering solutions for institutional investors. Black Ocean.

FLy/Tether price chart
Source: TradingView

As observed on 13-14 July, there were several large FLy buys, causing the price to increase from $0.03 to $0.05 (+40%). This created some excitement in the community. With many new announcements coming up, the FLy token team are continuing to implement their long-term plan for global reach and availability.

July 13th - VRM announced taking part in private-round investing in Slash World, the platform for trading volume/API mining. 50% of the investment was requested and accepted in FLy tokens.

July 14th - Black Ocean announced a strategic partnership with CV Labs, a Swiss blockchain ecosystem business and incubator. This partnership is aimed at supporting and developing new blockchain projects and crypto startups. Black Ocean, as a part of the VRM ecosystem, will collaborate with CV Labs on various initiatives within the blockchain industry and offer professional-grade solutions for corporate clients.

The FLy price is expected to continue to increase on the back of new partnerships and services coming to market, definitely one to watch for the future. Add FLy token to your CoinMarketCap watch list. If you're looking to diversify your portfolio, now could be the ideal time to consider adding FLy.

What's about the upcoming news about FLy?

On Monday, 19th of July, Black Ocean will launch the CeDeFi launchpad, where innovative projects can build a strong community, raise funds and achieve liquidity in a simple, secure and transparent way.

The following are some benefits that FLy token holders enjoy:
● 100% of the promo (airdrop) coins from projects will be distributed among FLy token holders
● 90% of IDO coins are allocated to be purchased by FLy token holders
FLy token holders enjoy a special purchase price of coins that is 5-10% lower than the market price of an IDO

As new VRM business products will launch soon, it offers an interesting prospect for investors and FLy token holders.

While some of you are already familiar with the VRM ecosystem and FLy token, let us recap for those who are still new to the subject.

What is the VRM ecosystem?

The VRM ecosystem offers professional services and solutions for b2b and b2c clients. VRM comprises VRM Quant, VRM Research, Black Ocean and the FLy token.

The VRM idea is based on developing sophisticated, AI algorithms to execute thousands of transactions per second. The average daily trading volume in 2020 reached over US$2.7 billion, and a single-day trading peak of US$25.944 billion was reached at the beginning of 2021.

Black Ocean provides exchanges, funds, and institutional investors with dark pool solutions, liquidity, and order flow execution. For retail customers, Black Ocean offers DeFi services, such as an IDO Launchpad, leveraged DEX trading, staking, liquidity mining, and the NFT market.

VRM Research provides retail customers with market insights, trading signals solutions and analysis reports from the heart of high-end trading.

VRM has created a special token for its ecosystem. Franklin (FLy) - the native token of the VRM and Black Ocean ecosystems. Token holders can enjoy discounts, special benefits and get access to upcoming unique solutions (available only for FLy tokens holders). The FLyers' community is growing consistently, and we invite you to join.

When it comes to liquidity, it will play a key role in making order book liquidity more stable and help more users to capitalize on a platform's advantages. FLy will also stand as a support system for the company's development via involving people in long-term relationships and building a strong society of institutional and retail partners around services of the VRM ecosystem.

What is the FLy token for? What benefits does it bring to users?

The role of the FLy token is to provide token holders with opportunities for obtaining trading rebates, covering network expenses and gaining additional benefits for liquidity provision and funding. Take note that FLy tokens offer special benefits here:
- Massive 25% discount for those purchasing with the FLy token for Market Making Solutions by Black Ocean.
- Escrow Service - customers that hold more than 10K FLy can enjoy a 50% discount, reducing the escrow fee to a measly 0.25%.
- Farming and Staking - Liquidity providers can get risk-free opportunities to make money with high APY through margined traders. Funds are secured by smart contracts and a Black Ocean hi-end risk-management system. Margined traders are obligated to keep a sufficient level of collateral to use as leverage.
- FLy token holders have access to "VRM Insights", cryptocurrency market analysis and forecasts by VRM Research. This includes solid market data analysis and the latest research about trading tendencies. Excellent support for investment decision-making.
- Increased rebates for Liquidity pool customers.

So, with the FLy token, you can enjoy airdrops and participate in token sales in Black Ocean Launchpad, use the Escrow service with discount, earn a passive income with liquidity mining, get trading signals by VRM and have access to proper market forecasting and analysis.

Soon, you will be able to provide leverage for institutional customers, and they will be able to get discounted fees in Black Ocean Dark and Dark liquidity pools. There are many opportunities for any kind of market participants with FLy.

Where is FLy available?

The FLy token currently is available for trading on 11 exchanges:
ZT Global
You can find the tutorial here: How and Where to buy FLy

What about the burning plan? Does it exist?

The price should always follow what a project's team is doing and what value the token currently has. In addition, VRM makes a profit consistently (even in this slow market) and burns FLy tokens every month.

With the burning plan (1,170,600 FLy tokens have been burnt so far), the amount of FLy will eventually decrease, which will indirectly stimulate the growth of its value in the long term.

This is an additional driver for the FLy token price increasing.

What are the next important events for VRM, Black Ocean and FLy?

VRM's strategy at the current stage involves involving many more people in the FLy eco-system. This means the team focuses on launching the biggest part of the functionality of Black Ocean and its eco-system, such as:
- Launchpad;
- Upcoming IDO events;
- Crypto dark and liquidity pool launch;
- First customers and transactions;
- NFT marketplace;
- token-based products: trading signals, market research, fixed income products, funding and leveraged DEX trading.

These launches will be supported by various marketing events and tools on different markets, both globally and locally. The rest of summer and fall will be very hot for the entire VRM team and the FLy community. Increasing the number of token holders will stimulate prices to move up.
We are traders and finance people with vast experience in classic markets. We came to crypto because we saw plenty of opportunities and ways to improve the world of finance, too. This is why we decided to issue the token for the trading ecosystem. The goal is to put FLy into every traders' wallet.
Vladimir Demin, VRM Chaiman
Having many users around the ecosystem FLy is native to, can really save customers significant amounts of money on network and trading fees. Black Ocean's range of services is expected to attract large institutional organizations and investments.

Black Ocean Dark Liquidity Pool has completed most of the developments and is now about to finish testing. The whole infrastructure is up and running, and the project is ready to make a big noise in the market soon.

VRM trades on all big and mid-size exchanges. So, the team understands how this market works and what is needed to be successful in it. VRMs' strategies and products are heavily based on AI and trust with data. This approach allows making a profit in nearly every market condition.

Is it for investment or speculation?

When Fidelity explored customers accounts, they realized that most successful investors are holders, who didn't do any operations, they just buy and hold. Of course, we can see volatility in the market, prices go up, then go down, but if a project, company, team and product are professional and doing a good job - you will be a winner in a long-term race. This advice is applicable for any asset; try to have a look at FLy from this point of view.

What about the FLy community?

As VRM and Black Ocean build their services, the FLy token's popularity is set to increase even more. Currently, there are more than 20 local communities of FLyers, working on Telegram and Wechat. They are managed by local moderators and in native languages.

We hope that you've found this article easy to follow and useful. If you have any further questions or want to learn more about our native FLy token, feel free to join our official Telegram Global community channel.

Additional info:
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