LD Capital has signed a partnership with HFT company VRM and its new Black Ocean business.
The corporation announced that they have become partners with high-frequency trading company VRM. The focus of the cooperation is expanding the global crypto trading ecosystem using VRM’s dark pool and liquidity business platform , Black Ocean.

VRM is a digital currency trading institution based in the EU, mainly based on quantitative high-frequency strategies. It owns many interesting projects, such as: VRM Quant, VRM Research, Black Ocean, VRM Capital Management and VRM Mining. Market shares on major trading platforms range from 6.9% to 49%. The average daily trading volume in 2020 reached over US$2.7 billion, and a single-day trading peak of US$10.8 billion was set at the end of the year.
Black Ocean provides both a liquidity pool, as well as a dark pool service for institutional customers, along with market makers. The platform will be officially launched in Q1 this year, then integrated with mainstream crypto, in order to continuously provide users with a more reliable service experience. Previously, VRM has reached partnerships with StillWater Research, a quantitative trading company; and Cactus Custody — Matrixport’s custody platform on their Black Ocean business.

As one of the most active Crypto VC’s in 2020, LD Capital will always have an insight into blockchain infrastructure, DeFi protocols, digital finance services and empower decentralized solutions, powered by the blockchain and digital currency service ecosystems.