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In a fast changing financial ecosystem in the crypto market, the talents and geniuses, who can use quantitative trading and their alphas to bring markets upside down, are the ones who will be dominating it. Crypto market is the area where previous results are not respected but x10 is an ordinary challenge for those who dare. Successful traders are able to gain millions under a month in this market - from scratch! Do you believe in yourself to make the same amount in the near future? Feel free to contact us. We are ready to help you reduce the needed time for this process.

The pioneer in crypto trading talents incubation and acceleration

VRM in partnership with some of the most stealthy trading teams globally invite traders all around the world to join us in becoming the largest trading team in the crypto world. We are currently providing 7-10% of the total trading volume around the world. We have the best trading infrastructure and market data in our hands. Resources and partnerships globally from Europe, CIS region, APAC and Middle East.

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We are looking for individuals or teams who are savvy and experienced in data science, data analysis and data engineering. You and your team should also possess strong development skills to be able to create a neural network and make a prediction algo. Strong knowledge of programming (usually Python, R, C, C++) and ways of collecting, storing and analyzing data are necessary.

How we work

Evaluation stage

How the big game will start for you

First of all you have to pass a quick qualification test. You will download a test dataset and a test task. You will need to build your own algo based on the given data to predict an asset price. If you succeed, we will sign an agreement with you. The terms are very simple:

You select an exchange from the list depending where you have an account. After that we apply special fee rates to your account. You are also granted an access to the technical infrastructure to work with data. In addition, you get your first working capital – 1000 USDT. During next two weeks you have to develop and tune your algos to make practical trading and achieve positive trading results. What are positive results? Very simple. It is profit, nothing else!

If you succeed, we will immediately scale you up with additional funds during another month.

If your trading is stable for over three more months, you will definitely be offered to become our partner.

What would happen if you have losses? Certainly you will have to make your homework and try again. And again. And again. You can keep trying forever by yourself but together with us only twice.

Joint Venture

We will be happy to see you on this stage. You found your Alpha and this was your pass to the adult game of very big numbers. We will invest sufficient funds in your company and cover operational expenses for 6 months. Also we will continue supporting you on tech side and trading. We will also help you to establish a JV in the jurisdiction which will fit best to your life perceptions and plans. Every JV is supported by us in setup and development. Our JV share is from 30 to 49% (depends on the partner performance and investments provided).

Welcome to the family of Alpha!

22 KUSD as working capital for trading
Special trading conditions on leading exchanges
Mentoring support of leading traders

If you hit and keep good results in 6 months, we will help you establish a Joint Venture where you will get up to 70% of shares and CEO position. We will also get the rest stake of shares. JV immediately receives additional investments into your working capital and coverage of operational expenses for 6 months.

For you convenience, our data science manager will help you get through all your questions and obstacles which you might have.

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