FLy ecosystem will give unique opportunity for FLy token holders to get IDO tokens.

FLy Launchpad is multichain IDO platform powered by VRM company, which allows FLy token holders to participate in distribution of other projects’ tokens.

How to participate in IDO on platform?

Requirements for participants:

● Participant has to have at least 101 FLy tokens (BSC/ETH network) in his/her web wallet (Metamask as an example);

● Participant must have the appropriate amount of funds to his/her investment request.

Steps to get IDO tokens:

Follow the link –

Press “Connect to a wallet” button and choose your wallet (we use MetaMask wallet as an example):

If you have several accounts on your MetaMask wallet, please, select the account, which you want to use and press “Next”:

and “Connect”

After successful wallet connection, you will see the IDO project:

You will see the chain type, method, deposit currency and other details.

Press the “Details” button. You will see the page with project’s info and “Deposit” button:

Press the blue “Deposit” button, decide an investment amount and approve the request to invest (press “Approve”):

Confirm the transaction in your MetaMask wallet (press “Confirm” button):

After transaction will be approved, you will see the notification:

Press the “Deposit” button:

And “confirm” the transaction:

All is ready! Now you’re an IDO participapant!

Read more about participation requirements and lottery rules here.

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