The high-frequency quantitative trading institution VRM has announced the signing of a partnership with flovtec, a Swiss technology company offering market making solutions to token issuers & digital asset exchanges to create a liquid & efficient market, which will attract more users to projects or exchanges.


This partnership is aimed to create additional financial services for FLy token holders, which allow users to get trading income and new insights.


The VRM ecosystem comprises VRM Quant, VRM Research, Black Ocean and the FLy token.


VRM is a digital currency-trading institution based in the EU, mainly focused on quantitative high-frequency strategies. The average daily trading volume in 2020 reached over US$2.7 billion, and a single-day trading peak of US$25.944 billion was reached at the beginning of 2021.


Black Ocean runs financial services for different types of customers in crypto and traditional finance: from crypto exchanges to whales and investment banks.


VRM Research provides retail customers with market insights, trading signals solutions and analysis reports from the heart of high-end trading.


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flovtec is a Swiss technology company, providing market making services for crypto market and blockchain projects.


Flovtec has 3 directions of work:

1. Digital asset exchanges – solving the problem for both centralized and decentralized exchanges, by offering market making solutions to the entire exchange or for specific tokens.

2. Token issuers – ensuring liquidity for tokens throughout their entire life-cycle. Help to establish trust in the token and win over users.

3. Investors – offering highly lucrative quantitative investment strategies and enable to profit from the growth of the digital asset ecosystem.


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