We have created this article to supercharge your trading strategies. It is in no way meant as financial advice. This article is presented “as is” for the consideration of all crypto enthusiasts.

The past couple of months have been a turbulent time for the cryptocurrency market. China has again, banned crypto. At the same time, running localised tests of their new digital yuan in selected areas of Beijing. This is widely believed to be a move to remove competition from the Chinese market before nationwide launch and adoption. The price of crypto assets such as Bitcoin took a significant hit to its value. This was seen across the board. It has been said that trading crypto can be a risky business, who are we to disagree?

Does this mean it’s better to stay out of the crypto market?

Sure, if you enjoy passing up genuine opportunities to learn, become more productive and of course, profit. Give it a miss. Say no to crypto! Or, maybe say yes? This is Laszlo. He spent 10,000 BTC back 2010. Currently 10,000 BTC is worth $402,513,000.

If, however, you want to jump in feet first. Join us on a deeper dive into market analysis and attempt to review the crypto space in its entirety.

So, we all know about the news from China, what else has been going on? In the United States officials have started to pursue Both Bitmex and Ripple. Over in Turkey, an emerging crypto market, they said no to crypto trading and BTC and other closely pegged assets lost approximately 40% of their value. Sounds like an absolute nightmare, doesn’t it?

At first glance, maybe. But if we climb inside a metaphorical time machine and surf back 1 year to June 2020, we see the Bitcoin price of $9,200! Looking from this standpoint, we did not we didn’t suffer a loss of 40% but an increase of 275%. Considering the volatility of the Bitcoin market in particular, traders really are in luck with the regular chances to make profits from day trading. The market is resilient and has proven time and again, how it has the fantastic property of being able to bounce-back every time, often with stronger support than before. It’s a repeating trend.

So, don’t be in a bad mood about the occasional loss. Look at the bigger picture. One where the market always recovers. Every day there is an opportunity to invest in old and new cryptocurrencies. Even if you didn’t buy it 1 year ago, are you going to buy in now? Would you even consider yourself a true investor if you didn’t?

This delightful newscaster delivered us the startling news that we had missed the boat with crypto. That it was too late to buy in. Maybe she would like to try our time machine.

What has changed recently? Miners have been forced to shut up shop in China. This brought intense FUD (Fear, uncertainty, doubt) to the overall market. Banks around the globe are reviewing, re-writing and bolstering crypto laws applicable in their states. Governments battling money laundering. But money will be laundered in whatever form it comes in. Laundering money is not new. Money is money. Saying that the laundering of criminally gained funds is strictly a crypto problem, couldn’t be more misleading.

Exchanges continue to serve and, on the whole, satisfy their users. OTC markets continue to see growth. Just take a look at Huobi or OKEx OTC. Chinese based businesses around the world use crypto to transfer money in and out of China. Often circumventing local restrictions and policies. This supports businesses inside China, which is good for the overall Chinese economy.


It’s not only China that utilises crypto. Just last week, news quickly spread about El Salvador adopting Bitcoin as a national denomination. A small and brave country. Since this news has been received, bitcoin has been granted a kind of official status. No longer just a community driven project for techies but a project given the green light by a world economy. It’s our opinion that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are not yet mature and stable enough to fully replace the worlds fiat system. That doesn’t mean never, just not yet. Blockchain based financial systems are the next level of evolution for our planet and people. Day by day, people’s familiarity with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies grows. The worlds relationship with crypto is maturing.

Savings. We all like to think our nest-eggs are safe and sound stored away for a rainy day. It is an essential cog in the financial machine. Having strong savers and investors embedded in your ecosystem boosts trust and confidence. The overall effect is the exponential increase in markets with interconnected financial systems.

The previous week was littered with crypto milestones. Another milestone worth highlighting was the news coming out of Texas that state banks were no able to provide custodian services involving cryptocurrencies. What does this mean? It means a new window has opened. Now the banking system of the United States can begin offering customers crypto related services. This new system will not take much time to become widely accepted in Texas. All of these factors help the crypto cause gain wider acceptance.

Well, what does it mean in general? The reality is slightly more complicated. FUD and unpredictable market fluctuations still occur, frequently. Rather than fear it, we should see it as part of the game, and count on it.

In this “Game” you need to be smart. Make measurements, check results. Nobody can truly predict the future, but we can make an effort to be more educated so that our decisions become more refined and instinctual. This is not a free meal. You must invest more than money. You must invest time. Step out of the FUD echo chamber and into the chamber of reality. Where indeed, anything can happen. Do you feel that?

Our great planet has many wonderful and vibrant cultures. Many existing in countries that have implemented proper cryptocurrency regulations or have begun the process of implementation. Almost on a weekly basis we are hearing news of other countries allowing, validating and giving the green light to our beloved blockchain tech. Emerging economies are building from the ground up with de-fi and cryptocurrency built into the infrastructure. Leading the way in some cases. Opening doors for new companies to grow. The almighty Google Inc has opened up another of those windows, allowing certain advertising to be shown on Google networks regarding cryptocurrency from August 2021. Millions of people across multiple continents will see these adverts. Advertising about exchanges, mining and verified companies. Read more about the news from google here. Payment systems can now service crypto-friendly classical banking institutions. Banks can issue card and accounts with crypto enabled for retailers and consumers.

Big companies around the world are joining market. The invest and build their own projects. Building institutional grade solutions that reflect traditional markets such as dark liquidity pools, dark pools, custody services etc. Today’s price is secondary to the asset’s overall bullishness. When your strategy is long, you can survive most market fluctuations with relative ease, and even use those dips and troughs to your advantage.

Think hard on your strategy, don’t get REKT.

Andrei Grachev
CEO VRM.trade